Our Promise

our promise to you

our promise


We promise to do everything we can to keep your family healthy and happy. Children are highly vulnerable to chemical toxins, and should avoid them. We want to make sure you know what’s in the products that you put in, on and around your family. We continually seek advice on materials and Chemicals to Avoid, from a variety of safety organizations and health experts, including the Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, Leaping Bunny, Parent Tested, Parent Approved and others. Together, we work for you.

We also look at the business practices of potential partners from safety and usability, to sustainability and cost. We will let you know about ingredient and product changes or recalls. And as our high standards evolve, we are happy to take back any product that doesn't meet them, and we will offer a replacement, or refund your money.


Our products are really curated by us before we sell them. The things we sell have also become our go-to products for our own families. And when you call or email us, it is someone on our team who will respond. We really are here to help.

We promise to do good by you, your family and the world around you. Each item we sell aligns with our commitment to fostering the growth and development of healthy and happy families and communities. We make these promises because we are part of a family too, just like you. You have enough decisions to make. Let us take something off your plate.

ecomom eco-traits

The Eco-Traits reflect unique, environmentally friendly characteristics of the products we sell. The icons below make it easy to shop at ecomom. Rather than acting as certifications, Eco-Traits describe products. Each week, the Green Compliance Team (GCT) uses the Eco-Traits to review supplier manufacturing standards, product composition and uses in order to determine whether or not products are a fit for ecomom's undertaking to make sure it's all good. Basically, we look for good companies that provide products that are good for your family.

  • energy-efficient
    Product uses less energy than its previous models or other alternatives.
  • filtration & purification
    Products to aid in the removal of impurities, contaminants, and allergens from various environments.
  • cruelty-free
    Not tested on animals, and not a by-product of the fur industry. Made without ingredients derived from an animal killed for the extraction of one ingredient. We love anything cute.
  • eco-education
    Products to inspire, enlighten, and promote an awareness and appreciation for the green lifestyle.
  • handmade
    Because no matter how fast life gets, there will always be talented artists who have the patience and talent to make one-of-a-kind treasures. Sorry, your child’s finger paintings don’t qualify!
  • biodegradable
    Products are able to decompose naturally and relatively quickly.
  • sustainable materials
    Uses materials that are sustainable; examples: bamboo, wool, hemp, birch or beech wood.
  • smart manufacturing
    Manufactured using methods and resources that do not cause long-term harm to natural resources. Because we don’t live in outer space yet.
  • smart packaging
    Packaging material uses recycled boxes, soy ink and/or minimal packaging material is used and the packaging is recyclable.
  • grain-free
    Wet and dry pet foods and snacks that are free of grain products and by-products.
  • footprint reduction
    Footprint Reduction products help the user lower their environmental footprint whether through use, outcome or production.
  • smart ingredients
    Smart Ingredients describe products made using alternative ingredients that have been chosen with the well-being of the individual user and environment in mind.
  • soy-free
    Find Soy-Free cooking oils, baking supplies and mixes with the Soy Free Eco-Trait. Soy Free foods include products that are labeled soy free.
  • organic
    Grown and produced without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, herbicides or GMOs. The way you would grow stuff, if you had time.
  • fair trade
    Products made or obtained in an equitable compensation from producers and partners primarily based in developing countries.
  • gluten-free
    Does not contain gluten, or gluten-derived ingredients. Made on gluten-free machinery, so anyone with Celiac Disease or other gluten intolerances can enjoy these products too. No carbo-loading here.
  • vegan
    No animal extracts, parts or participation. Let’s just bother each other, and leave the animals out of it.
  • dairy-free
    Does not contain any milk or milk-based proteins. Made on dairy-free machinery. Go ahead and drink that almond milk ‘til the cows come home.
  • kosher
    Foods made or processed in accordance with Halakhic legal stipulations.
  • non-GMO
    Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are not used in the products to enhance flavor or alter the genetic material.
  • non-toxic
    Products are free of harmful chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, lead or parabens.
  • BPA-free
    Products are not composed of BPA (Bisphenol A).
  • recycled
    Made with components that have been extracted from another product for reuse. One person’s trash makes someone else’s new product.
  • recyclable
    Contains a percentage of components that may be reused in a new product. Make sure to recycle it to allow this product to reach its full potential.
  • reusable
    Helps classify products that by design are engineered to withstand multiple uses thereby reducing unneeded consumption.
  • made in the USA
    We love to support our local economy, and buying domestically reduces transportation costs and negative impact. Born in the USA? So are some of our favorite products.
We do the research so you don't have to.