About Us

we get it

We have all been there, staring down the aisles and web pages at the endless choices of so-called healthy product options for kids. You wonder what the best products for your family really are. Well we already know. Stick with us, and you can become an expert too. We make it easy. It’s doable because we are here to show you what to buy to have a healthy and happy child, making sure your kids aren’t using anything harmful to them. We literally keep the fun and flavor in, and leave out the bad stuff.

At ecomom, we believe that making smart choices and easy choices are one and the same. It’s nice to know there is one site to come to for truly safe and healthy products, tips, tools and support. That leaves more time for reading books, nature walks and playground jaunts.

you can trust us

The last thing you want to do during naptime is try to figure out what the best diaper and water bottle options are. The internet age has brought with it many things we are obviously grateful for. But the barrage of information and opinions coming at you can be hard to take. Who has time to research what the “right” products are, and where to buy them? Well, our Green Compliance Team does that research for you so you don't have to. We want to offer you only curated, safe and reliable products. Trust us. Go ahead and take a break, because it’s all good.

We do the research so you don't have to.